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13 July 2011 @ 07:30 pm

So i've seen Gantz with Nino

It was awesome. I still hope it will come to the cinema's in the Netherlands.
I really liked the special effects. They were so real! And the storyline is quite interesting. I keep wondering what Nino would do with his 100 points.

The dvd of the first movie is finally out BUT they are a bit dumb because they didn't add English subs.
I don't think they get the fact that a lot of overseas fans or japanese movie lovers would want to pay that amount for the dvd.
And they would sell a lot more dvd's if they add English subs :)

Well maybe in the near future it'll happen.

For those who didn't watched it yet: DO IT!!!!
It is really awesome and i can't wait for the second part :D.

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05 July 2011 @ 04:49 pm


So today i decided to deco my earphones :D
and i have to say i really really like them :D
here is a picture of them ^^

Something else now
I have a cd of fahrenheit super hot that i'm not selling anymore haha sold it already
if anyone wants it send me a message with a price
or not xD
this is the cd brand new sealed

This cd is sold

So a few days ago i held something quite big in my hands :D

I didn;t have to wait for it long but it was quite expensive :P

Wanna know what it is?? haha

It is totally asian xD cause you can't get it here in the Netherlands :P

I bought a LG Lollipop :D:D:DD:D:D:D:D

nice and blue whaaah beatifulness
i'lll upload some pics later :D

i'm so in love with the phone :D
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19 October 2010 @ 06:11 pm
What was the last song you couldn't get out of your head no matter how hard you tried?

waka waka by shakira T_T
and i don't even like it :O
14 October 2010 @ 11:03 am
So it's been decided we are going to search for Aiba in Rotterdam :)
We're going to be there probably about 10 AM

We are meeting with someone else from LJ so I think we're gonna be fine

I hope that we are going to see him :D

I'm taking a photobook with me :D :D :D you never know what will happen hahahaha

well I'll upload the pictures  of my previous later today :)

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11 October 2010 @ 04:46 pm

Okay so next weekend is the World championship gymnastics in Rotterdam :D

And Aiba happens to be the navigator for Japan

The news article

On Fuji Television, the “2010 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships” will be broadcasted for 5 nights in a row, and Arashi member, Aiba Masaki has been chosen as a navigator for the championship, now for the 2nd year in a row.

This year, Aiba will go to Rotterdam where the championship will take place.  He also visited the training grounds of Japan’s varsity team which was held in September, and interviewed them.  Aiba commented, “I feel extremely high about it.  I hope I can report something that you can only report from the actual site.”

Source: Sanspo

So he'll be here at 16 october
and he will be navigating for 5 nights so that means he'll be here for 5 days?

Lets hope so cause I have to freaking work on saturday
so i hope he's still here on monday :D

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10 October 2010 @ 05:18 pm


I haven't posted in ages :P

well I'm studying English now :) It's pretty hard beacause I also have to learn the history of the United Kingdom. And I don't like history :(
o well let's talk about something else
I was at the mediamarkt and I saw a japanese movie named Azumi. It was 1 euro so i bought part 1 and 2
My friend and i watched it and we had so much fun because the special effects were so funny
The story was quite good so we enjoyed the movies :P

And finally i finished my second doll of You're Beatiful I'll upload pictures later
I made Go Mi Nam and i'm quite pleased with the result. :)
I hope i will finish them all some day :O

so i have been buying a lot of stuf lately.
Ebay is so evil I have to try to look on ebay only once in a month.
and i've just did it again a friend of mine sends me this link of arashi's 10th anniversary saigo no yakusoku dvd
how mean cause I really want it!!!

anyway like i said i bought a lot and i decided to taxate all my stuff that has something to do with japan fandom or korean or taiwanese fandom

and I came on a schocking number of € 722 O_O
I really have to stop buying for a while O MY GOD
Is there anyone else woth such an shocking number!!???
comment it please :) I'm really curious now

okay over to my taiwanese music addiction right now.
I already liked S.H.E. but not so much that i would buy an album of them
I do like Ranie Yang and Show Luo that much to buy an album of them well actually i bought 3 of Ranie's albums

and 2 of Show
One with autograph :) and the other one without of course
 Show luo albums trendy man and rashomen
Show's autograph :D:D:D

I don't understand what they say but it helps me while studying. maybe because I don't understand them and can't listen to de meaning of the song.
Ofcourse I'm trying to find out what some songs mean :P

And the las topic of today Arashi
I listened  their single Love Rainbow a lot
And I thought finnaly a more uptempo song again I don't know but with their latest cd I had to get used to their new sound
but i like the song more now.
Then Love Rainbow came out and wow they're back was my first thought.
This is ofcourse my opinion so comment whateveer you want on this topic but remember everyone has their own opinion.

Well Arashi wasn't the last topic because while i'm listening the piano versions of Linkin Park's song it reminds me of their new album.
I have to get used to their new sound but I don't like the facht that there are3 or 4 interludes on their new cd....
There are only 12 normal tracks left on the disc...

o well they are also changing their style ;)

goodbyee for now and i'll add the pictures later this week :)

Picturesss :D



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11 July 2010 @ 01:06 pm
And ther was the sun burning my skin :O
It even burned some land in drente

I work as a mailwoman/man? i don't know how to call it in english if you're female.
So when i work i'm burning of the street it's so hot and then there is something worse there are people with a swimming pool in their yard O_o
It's torture :O
but the worst thing is that i have to drive in the car after i'm done with it and that is freaking hot!
now i know how pets feel when they have to stay in the car that's standing in the sun T_T poor guys.

Okay some happy things now
We are in the finals of the soccer world championships in Africa
I'm so excited about it! I hope we win tonight :D

a few days ago i bought manga's of hana yori dango luckily they were english.
they were secondhand but when i got them they looked unread :)
And there was a surprise in it! :O
The girl i bought it from was a arashi fan. She isn't a fan anymore so she asked if i was missing anything. well out of politeness i said i don't know what you have.
But then she said shed better not sell it cause she might regret it :( poor mee hahaha
But the surprise in the box was a single of arashi from 2002 nice na kokoroiki!
At first i thought what's this! But then i saw it :D:D:D

It's a minidisc so it's also very cute :D

And i heard that the movie GANTZ with Nino will be showed in the dutch cinema's
I'll be sure to visit it and sit there fangirling :D
I hope it's in Japanese and not dubbed :D

well i think i'll be uploading some pictures later cause a friend of mine is dying to read it ^^ And she has a swimming pool in the garden :@

what a meanie am I HAHAHA

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11 July 2010 @ 07:41 am
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21 June 2010 @ 11:59 am
What is your favorite weird food combination? Have your friends ever tried it or do you only eat it in private?

peanutbutter with banana on my bread
my friends say ieeuww if i'm eating it hahahaha but my parents eat it too so lucily i'm not alone